Protecting Your Business With Trademarks And Copyrights

At Barth Law Firm, P.S.C., we help businesses in Kentucky and nationwide promote their brands in the marketplace and protect their assets through the appropriate use of trademarks and copyrights. Within this area of law, our services include:

  • Preparing and filing applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Conducting trademark searches and providing opinions
  • Negotiating and drafting trademark licenses
  • Advising clients on other legal issues pertaining to intellectual property rights

Do You Need A Copyright Or A Trademark?

Many people use these terms interchangeably, even though they have very distinct meanings. A copyright gives you the sole legal authority to reproduce, sell or distribute an original work of art, song, book, software program or other creation.

A trademark, on the other hand, is used to identify your company as a particular seller of goods. It can be a phrase, logo, word or another design that allows consumers to recognize your company as the source of the product.

Extensive Experience With Applications And Registration

Over the past 25 years of practice, founding attorney William Barth has assisted numerous clients with trademark registration and related business law matters. He understands the nuances of intellectual property rights, especially when it comes to meeting the strict deadlines and detailed requirements of the USPTO.

Mr. Barth's business and commercial experience also equips him to help companies determine the true value of their intellectual property. This is particularly important when it comes to purchases, sales, mergers and acquisitions.

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